Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Richard Sandoval uses Latin and Asian influences for his midtown restaurant Zengo. The restaurant itself is a beautiful three story space, but I think the concept could be a little muddled. Zengo offers three different bars, all with different concepts. My friend Colette and I went down to La Biblioteca, which is Zengo's tequila library. This basement space is designed as a legit old library with a few side side tables that are more loungey. La Biblioteca offers guests over 400 agave-based drinks and a tequila sommelier to help you pick out the perfect drink. I don't know how many people actually use the tequila sommelier, but I think thats awesome.

We went for happy hour so we opted to go with some of the discounted drinks such as the Margarita, strawberry margarita, and hibiscus mojito. I wasn't really impressed by the drinks, but the atmosphere was pretty cool. Maybe next time I'll speak with the sommelier and enjoy some rare tequila on the rocks. The food was tastey, but so small. We got an order of ahi tuna tacos and kobe beef tacos. Each order only had 3 small pieces, but the flavors were good. We decided not to dine there, but maybe dinner upstairs is different.

I would recommend Zengo if you like tequila, but I can't recommend the food or the happy hour drinks as I think you could get more of a bang for your buck.

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