Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Named for a dessert of the Old South, Tipsy Parson is a Chelsea restaurant serving up Southern "belly-filling goodness." The bar reminds me of book case in an old southern mansion with booze and little trinkets sitting on the shelves. Kristen and I grabbed a table in the bar area right next to the hostess stand. It was a bit weird to be so close to the hostess. but it actually worked out as if she was our second server. The cocktails at Tipsy Parson looked good, but I stuck to the local draught beer selection while Kristen got wine.


Mushroom Spoonbread {14}
herb ricotta, wild mushrooms, caramelized salsify,
pumpkin seeds, pumpkin oil

Shrimp & Grits {16}
broiled spiced shrimp, Rockland Plantation stone-ground grits,
fried green tomato, spicy tomato vinaigrette

Short Rib {26}
cheerwine-braised all-natural short rib,
parsnip puree, parsnip chips

The appetizers were alright, but our entree short rib was awesome. Big enough for us to split, the short rib was not only a generous portion, but packed with flavor. The parsnip puree combined with the sweet braised meat was an delightful combination. We were too full for dessert! Probably won't go back, but was a cool spot to check out. I actually hear they do a great brunch--maybe thats worth checking out!

Five Leaves

Call me a snob, but I don't usually travel to Brooklyn for food. Manhattan has plenty of great food options, why would I? Then again, Brooklyn restaurants have created a lot of buzz; so maybe it is worth the trip? Five Leaves is one BK restaurant that has garnered a lot of attention but is it all hype? Five Leaves is a small cafe/bar across the street from McCarren Park in Green Point where Nassau, Bedford, and Lorimer meet. This hipster spot is no reservations, so you will most likely have to wait over an hour. Walk over to Manhattan Inn for a cocktail while you wait and check back.

The Manhattan Inn--restaurant and piano bar serves up great drinks from new inventive cocktails to the classics. I got their Hot Toddy which was awesome, especially considering the crisp November air. The combination of spices and whiskey could have kept me their all night; but we had to check if our name moved up the list at Five Leaves. Luckily, our table was close to ready, so we only really waited an hour --not the hour and a half we were told. The restaurant was extremely cramped. It was awkward waiting for our table while people tried to get by. We finally sat down into the sunken chairs and got real excited for our meal.

Service was good--not great. Our food got to our tables before our drinks; but it didn't make or break the meal. Our server was actually quite friendly and pretty knowledgeable. But we didn't come for the service so on to the food! The food was all good. We started with oysters and devils on horseback (dates wrapped in bacon). For our main course, Christy got the burger which looked good, but I didn't try. She seemed to enjoy it. Jackie got the artic char which she absolutely loved. The skin-on artic char came with sunchokes, creamy leeks, manilla clams, and trout roe. Shakes got the seared scallops with black lentils, grain mustard, and maple braised bacon and one of the appetizer specials. I got the bar steak: marinated hanger steak with carrots, cipollini onions, and fries. The steak was good, but it wasn't anything that I couldn't make at home. I was going to get the Short Rib, but I had a short rib the night before so I wanted to switch it up.

For dessert, we got the milk chocolate pot de creme and the Rosewater Pavlova. The chocolate pot de creme was good while the Rosewater Pavlova might have been the weirdest dessert I've ever tasted. It was OK in flavor, but just weird.

In conclusion, Five Leaves is a solid neighborhood restaurant. If I were Jackie and Christy I would probably frequent this place quite often, but as far as being a destination restaurant--Five Leaves falls short. Sure the food was delicious, but there are plenty of closer food options. Part of me liked the cozy charm of Five Leaves, but being knocked in the head while eating isn't an ideal situation. Overall, good friends and food proved to be an awesome night. Thank you for a great meal Jackie and Christy!

Definitely worth stopping by and making your own decision.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Food Frenzy

Started the week off at my favorite pizza spot--sorry NY; my favorite pizza spot is in Neptune, NJ. Maybe because its close to the beach, maybe its because it had delicious thin-crust pizza; but either way Pete and Elda's is my favorite pizza spot. I grew up loving this place, but my love affair only grew stronger when I was able to enjoy adult beverages while dominating and XL pizza. Pete and Elda's also does a "pie eating contest" in which guest who eat a XXL pizza gets a free t-shirt. I didn't try for a t-shirt; but I do have a couple tees at home. If you are in the Asbury Park/Belmar area you should definitely stop by for a pie!

Also went to the Buttered Biscuit while I was down the shore. The Buttered Biscuit is a cozy cafe on Main Street in Bradley Beach. My friend Nadine brought me here as its one of her favorite spots. It was a solid breakfast spot if in the neighborhood. Skip on the crab cake sandwich and get breakfast--especially a biscuit (duh!)

While in NJ I stopped by Sushi Palace (in Edison) with some friends for all-you-could-eat sushi. A group of my buddies from home go every week, so I decided to join them while I was in the area. I'm always nervous about all you could eat places, but Sushi Palace was good. Granted the first round of appetizers weren't too impressive; but the sushi was awesome. We started with salads, which were tastey and then appetizers followed shortly after. Teriyaki red snappers, fried calamari, egg rolls, dumplings, and pork chops were OK, but not worth the calories in my option. Our next round consisted of fresh fish which took form in hand rolls, sushi, and sashimi. And the best part is that this place is BYO, so we took full advantage and brought both wine and beer. Great sushi spot, especially if you have a large appetite. End the meal with some ice cream! $25 a person includes tip! ---WHAAAAAAT!!!!!! Sign me up!

Back in NYC, I stopped by Schnippers-- a burger concept that just expanded its operations to 23rd street right outside Madison Square Park. The place was pretty big and kind of reminded my of an indoor Shack Shake. I smell competition! Shake Shack might be winning because Schnippers was empty! But maybe because its new? Maybe more people will dine at Schnippers when the weather is too cold to wait on line at Shake Shack. Schnippers is worth checking out though. I got the Crispy Chicken Sandwich which was crispy chicken, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, white cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, and Schnippers sauce on ciabatta bread. I thought this sandwich was quite good and would probably go back. I would like to try a burger and shake at Schnippers to see if they are any real competition to Shake Shack.

Also stopped at Big Daddy's diner on Park Ave for a milkshake. The milkshake was OK, but the lady behind the counter was very nice. I want to try one of Schnippers shakes!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Repeat Offender

I took advantage of the warm weather and enjoyed a Shack Stack in Madison Sq Park with some friends. The Shack Stack is a cheeseburger topped with the Shroom Burger for one ridiculous burger. It was only right to enjoy this burger with an Abita while cheersing to a good day's work. Shake Shack Tip: Go on the B line and grab beers while waiting for your burger--time goes by faster when enjoying an ice cold one.

I also went to the Tap Room, which is around the corner from work. Not only is this spot convenient, but the beer selection is awesome. They also do beer flights if you're into tasting some cool brews.

Emma's dilemma is my deli spot for when I'm craving a bacon/egg/cheese before work; but I visit this deli solely based on convenience.

13th Step is another place I go based on convenience. We always have a good time at this "bro bar", but I think we go because its right near my buddy's apt. They usually have good deals on Sunday for the games. Top 40 music + classics = dance party 101.

A new spot I visited this week was Made Fresh Daily, a tiny cafe hidden on the cobblestone streets of Front Street around the corner from the seaport. In an area full on tourist traps and bad food options, Made Fresh Daily brings homemade cooking with lots of soul. The place itself is small, but its homey and feels right. Made Fresh Daily serves comfort foods that are light and healthy. They pride themselves on creating food that taste good without making you think. They also pride themselves on sourcing local, organic, and sustainable products. The buttermilk biscuit with scrambled eggs and ham proved to be a delightful breakfast sandwich. Great flavor! It was a bit expensive for breakfast considering a bacon/egg/cheese cost $2.99; but it was worth it. The side of bacon wasn't that food, so I will pass on that next time. I hear they do some pretty good sandwiches for lunch--I'll have to go check it out!