Sunday, May 22, 2011


Only a few hours after leaving the palms, we found ourselves getting ready for Wet Republic. Wet Republic is the "ultra pool" at the MGM Grand occupying 53,000 sq ft. Wet Republic boasts two pools, which takes up 6.000 sq ft of the space. The space is pretty remarkable--decorated in hot, clean colors it looked too nice for the madness that would occur. We got to Wet Republic on the early side, but the party was in full swing by noon. We opted to get a poolside Cabana, which is the way to go in my opinion. Sure, the bungalows are equipped with a jacuzzi, TV, Nintendo Wii, refrigerator, and misting system; but the bungalows are away from the pool--where all the action happens. The super VIPs partying in the bungalows probably missed the engaged lady who took off her top or the two cabanas who kept making it "rain"; but then again I'm sure they were having their fun. Granted the bungalows are ridiculous, its just cool to be in the heart of the party. Wet Republic also offers daybeds, dance floor tables, chase lounge chairs, and tables in the lounge (shaded bar area). No matter where you are, you will have a ball. Hopefully you won at the casino the night before because Wet Republic could run you some serious dough, but it might be worth it considering
it could be the "best day of your life".

The service was good, our cocktail server was very attentive and kept the bottles coming. All the servers seemed to be models, but thats not surprising at this point. She kept the alcohol flowing and even found some coconut milk for our hungover friend who will remain nameless. Food came and went, but it was just an afterthought to all the madness that was around. Security tried to enforce such rules as "no jumping into the pool" and "no splashing", but tipping them will make them go away...untill you become totally obnoxious. The DJ was awesome, playing some awesome tunes from start till finish. He got the crowd going, especially when he played the "Bin Laden is Dead" house beat.

I've thrown some bangers down at my LBI house, but none could compare to the beautiful chaos known as Wet Republic. I definitely recommend experiencing this--atleast once in your lifetime.

After the pool, the guys found themselves on a heater, so we missed going out to a nice dinner. Instead we hopped into a party bus and headed over the Cosmopolitan. We had a very casual dinner at The Henry. I got a burger, which was decent and washed in down with a well-made Manhattan! After dinner, we hung out at Bond, where the drinks kept flowing. It was a cool hangout while we talked about what'd we do for the rest of the night. Going to Vegas with a bunch of gamblers is dangerous, because you find yourself gambling ALL THE TIME. Well, take a guess to what we did after a few drinks at Bond. Thats right, we gambled some more. Actually, thats how we spent the rest of the night.

Sunday arrived and we were all hurting. Our bodies couldn't handle this college lifestyle that the weekend brought. After taking awhile to reboot, we headed over to Planet Hollywood to stay for our final night. Dave and I headed to the sports book in PH, but it sucked so we decided to try out the blackjack tables. After a little run, we headed up to the room to get the other guys. Flight complications kept us in the room for a bit until we headed to Hooters. I don't care what anyone says about Hooters--I love it. Whether I'm in NJ, NY, VEGAS, etc--I love hooters. I think there wings are awesome and despite what Chris Rock says--I would go there just for the wings. The service was kind of slacking, but the food was on point and thats why we went. Our bio-chem server chatted us up and even try to embarrass the birthday boy; but he was having it. Hooters had some good beer specials, so it was a good choice for a sunday hangout.

After hooters, Dave and Ed headed to the airport to catch an early flight home while Matt and I headed to the "Pleasure Pit". NO, the "Pleasure Pit" isn't a strip club! Its a section of Planet Hollywood's casino where all beautiful girls are dealers. Every single girl is a dime, so it make its easy when you donate. Not only are the girls smoke-shows, but they make playing fun. We stayed on the tables for awhile then headed to bed--knowing we had an early flight home.

I've been to Vegas 7 times or so and it always seems to surprise me. It had a way of reinventing itself, while keeping its reputation for pure fun and insanity. My advice for anyone planning a trip...

1-Go for a weekend--no more! (Two days might not seem like a long time, but you don't sleep so its plenty of time. In fact, its all your body can handle)
2- Splurge (In the wise words of Morven, "Its only money--you'll make more tomorrow")
3-Budget. This might seem weird coming after my advice to splurge, but you don't want to blow your load in one night.'ll getcha places!
5-LIVE IT UP! You only live once

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