Monday, March 19, 2012

Costa Rica: La Dolce Vida

Not only did I have the time of my life in Costa Rica with 29 amazing people, but I got to eat some great food. Every breakfast was spent at the Beach Dog cafe where the waitresses were hot and the breakfast tacos were even hotter. Don't know if that makes sense, but the breakfast tacos kept me coming back. Breakfast tacos, powerade, and a large water was the perfect trifecta that abled me for all day drinking and fun. Sometimes I'd even have lunch at Beach Dog. The mango chicken quesadilla was delicious!

Robins was an everyday stop for ice cream and the occasional wrap. The chorizo wrap and ice cream kept us coming back despite the owners bad attitude. The pork taco stand became an everyday stop as well. I've tried their three varieties of tacos (tuna, chicken, and pork), but the pork tacos were definitely the best. The service was slow, but it was just the way of life down there and that was totally ok with us. After smoking pork spareribs, they cut the meat off the bones and put them in a flour tortilla. The pork was topped with a crunchy slaw that added a freshness and a great textural component. Overall, it was tied with Beach Dog for my favorite Costa spot.

We had a ton of other great meals during our stay. Marlin Bill's was a solid dinner spot and so was Toucans. We had a great dinner at Cafe Paris the night of our fishing trip. They prepared our fish three ways while also preparing sides to accompany the fish. La Dolce Vita was another great dinner-- an Italian feast with our friend "Scarpetta". Our family dinner also ranked among my favorite meals, but thats because food always taste better when you cook it! There was also alot of love in the air being the last night together in a tropical paradise.

Olga's and La Banana were great spots to visit. Olga's despite the ugly name had amazing views of the sunset while La Banana was our dancing haven.

Costa Rica-- the sweet life.

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