Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lunch at Lure

Lure: Something that tempts or attracts with the promise of pleasure of reward. Who wouldn't be tempted by restaurant designed like a luxury yacht. Located on Mercer Street, Lure Fishbar occupies the old Canteen space. Josh Capon still runs the kitchen here bringing Soho a great selection of seafood while not forgetting about the carnivores. I've been wanting to go to Lure Fishbar for quite sometime not only because the menu was exciting; but because its been getting pretty good press. Owners Josh Pickard and John McDonald are part owners in other notable restaurants such as B&B, MercBar, The Dutch, Chinatown Brassier, and Locanda Verde; so the two definitely know what they're doing.

A block away from Kristen's office, this was a perfect spot for lunch AND they were doing restaurant week! I was pleasantly surprised that their restaurant week menu reflected the same dishes that they normally serve. It really bugs me when restaurants create dishes during restaurant week that they don't normally serve.

We both started with oysters, because we were both in a seafood state of mind even before stepping foot into this subterranean yacht. East coast oysters proved to be meaty, fresh, and exactly what we wanted. For our second course, I went with grilled Atlantic salmon that sat on a bed of ratatouille. The fish was cooked to perfection and the bell pepper ratatouille really hit the spot. Kristen got the steamed cod which was paired with oyster mushrooms,  scallions, ponzu, and cilantro. Both dishes were delicious and were a good portion size.

I ended with a warm chocolate cake that was a bit dense for my liking. The cake's strongest component was the salted caramel ice cream which sat on top of some delicious caramel popcorn. Kristen got the panna cotta, which isn't normally on their dessert menu; but she seemed to enjoy.

Left feeling good and will definitely return. Can't really critique the service because we didn't have much interaction; but I guess that could be a good thing. Overall, a very pleasant meal.

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