Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Love to Lunch

This past month, I've had some awesome lunches. Two standouts were Pearl Oyster Bar and Union Square Cafe.

Pearl Oyster Bar could be pricey, but the food is always worth it. Raw and fried oysters are always a good way to start. The lobster roll here is one of the better ones in town. They give you a nice portion of lobster where others skimp. Their market fish whether on a sandwich or in a composed dish is always good. Definitely a great West Village spot. Souch and I approve!

This was my first time sitting at a table at Union Square Cafe. I normally belly up to the bar for a quick lunch or glass of wine. I was with my buddy Tim, a manager at Maialino, so they went out of there way to seat us. The table was kind of awkward and looked directly onto another table; but it was the later part of lunch so tables around us started to clear out. It was definitely an older crowd--the loyal crowd that has been coming for 30 years. The ambiance and decor isn't the best; but the food makes up for it. We started with the pumpkin squash agnolotti which was tossed in a brown butter sauce. Sweet, but delicious all at once. Tim thought their seasonal agnolotti was better than our tortelli which had similar ingredients. Tonnarelli with pancetta and brussel sprouts were sent out with compliments and proved to be a delicious application of house-made pasta.

I got the USC burger as a main course and couldn't even finish it after sharing those two pastas as antipasti. The burger was delicious and came with a ridiculous amount of fries to add to the massive portion size. We skipped dessert and walked off a hearty lunch.

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