Saturday, February 13, 2010


Mole' is a small mexican joint on the lower east side that we stumbled upon when looking for a decent happy hour. This restaurant was pretty tight on space, but I guess that's common in New York. The place reminded me of a more romantic Blockheads. The lighting was dim especially when our candle blew out!A blue light from the bar gave the place character. Overall, the service was alright although I was disappointed with the server not telling me how small my meal was. I ordered the mexican quesadillas which definitely disappointed me. I couldn't tell if the size, taste, or price of the dish disappointed me the most. I was going to get tacos, but the quesadillas were suppose to be $5 because of happy hour. Luckily I had a few Blue Moons and good company otherwise this trip would have bombed.

Margaritas- pretty good
Stef's Mole'- not a fan
Stef's tortilla soup- decent
chips and salsa- always a fan!

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