Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peter Lugers

Peter Lugers (Brooklyn, NY)
My dad used to go to Peter Lugers every once and awhile with his finance buddies. He use to tell me how delicious the steak was and constantly torment me by bringing me the bone with maybe a little piece of meat left on it. After begging him, he finally took me out with him while entertaining clients one day. I don't remember too much about the experience other than the fact that it was the best steak I ever had at that point. Years went by and I wanted to go back, but never got the chance. I think the reason I never went back was because it wasn't in an accessible area. If the restaurant had been in Manhattan, I'd probably go there once a year.

My sister came to New York to take me out for my birthday. She told me to pick a place that I always wanted to go, but never went. I had a few places that fit the bill, but then I thought of Peter Lugers, a place I've been to once but been dying to go back. We almost reconsidered going after the reservationist gave me a serious attitude problem when calling for a reservation. Kim made me realize that I shouldn't let the reservationist ruin my much anticipated steak dinner. I agreed and we hopped in a cab to Brooklyn.

Being on the lower-end of Manhattan, I thought our trip to Brooklyn would have been a lot shorter, but it took us a good 25 minutes to get there. The restaurant wasn't crowded when we got there, but slowly got there. Everything in this steakhouse is extremely plain-- from the decor, menu items, and servers. A tall German server took our order, but didn't seem to happy to be there...or happy to serve us (a younger demographic that expected at the steakhouse).

We ordered the porterhouse for two and a side of onion rings. We didn't get drinks because it was a rough weekend for me and nothing seemed to interesting. I feel like the restaurant hasn't changed anything....EVER. But I guess they go from the old saying, "if its not broke, don't fix it." Peter Lugers has phenominal steaks and they know it. They don't get people there because they have new crazy food items or exciting cocktails. People come for the steaks and will continue to come for the steaks.

We knew our steak for two was coming as we heard a sizzling plate and smelt the aromas of pure goodness. The server put the pre-cut porterhouse on the table then served us each a few slices. The porterhouse rested in a warm pool of butter and blood to which the server spooned on top of our slices. The steak was as good as remembered. I love Peter Lugers steak sauce, but didn't even use it. The aged beef in the delicious butter was all I needed.

The onion rings were also really good, a perfect side dish! The onion rings had great flavor as they weren't tradionally battered onion rings I was expecting. These were some of the best onion rings I've ever had.

Not a crumb was left on either plate and we got our check and headed back to Manhattan. I want to check our Ben and Jacks which I hear serves a similiar steak and isn't such a hike. They got big shoes to fill as Peter Lugers still keeps the title, best steak I've ever had.

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