Friday, May 21, 2010

East Village Spots


My Little Piggy

Probably the best Roast Beef sandwich I have EVER ate. I can't comment on the decor or ambiance of the place as we got delivery. I was surprised at how small the menu was when I first looked at it, but my buddy Gartner assured me thats all the items you need when you do them so well. I hate to admit it, but he was right on point. I would have a hard time ordering anything else as my sandwich left me craving more. Craving more in the sense of wanting to go there again, not still hungry as they gave a generous sandwich for 8 bucks. There menu is not only small, but its a bit comical as the names of the sandwiches are "This Way", "That Way", and "The Other Way" I got the "That Way" which was roast beef, gravy, and mozzarella on a hero.

The bread itself was awesome; while the tender, juicy roast beef was simply amazing. The gravy as mozzarella cheese were a perfect compliment to a sandwich that I will definitely go back for. We even considered getting it again late night, but we often for Pomme Frites.

Ace Bar
This bar wasn't too crowded, but it was pretty sweet. They had pool tables, darts, and skee ball. Having a house down the Jersey Shore my whole life, skee ball is one of my favorite games of all time. Besides the skee ball, its like any other bar. I enjoyed a nice Sam Adams Summer Ale while I was there. The staff seemed friendly. I'd go back to dominate skee ball if in the area, but thats about it.

Pomme Frites
Since I've always reviewed Pomme Frites, I'm not going into much detail. We got a bunch of sauces, so I'll rate them from favrotie to least favorite.

Mango Chutney--still favorite
Parmesan peppercorn
Pesto Mayo
Garlic Mayo
Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo
Pomegranate Teriyaki
Wild Mushroom Mayo
Mexican ketchup

Pomme Frites is one of the best drunk foods ever. Since its close to my buddies apartment, i'll probably be back!

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