Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cocktails in BK

My friend Jared and I often talk cocktails whether its the innovative development of a cocktail or the history of a certain drink or spirit. Jared, nicknamed "Captain Cocktail", is a drink encyclopedia, so its fun to pick his brain. He works for Clover Club's owner Julie Reiner at her new Soho spot Lani Kai.

We headed over to Clover Club in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood. Clover Club has earned recognition as one of New York's best cocktail bars while also gaining recognition worldwide. GQ named Clover Club the 4th best bar in the country.

The mahogany bar was the first thing I saw as I wandered straight towards the back on this dimly lit establishment. The place was pretty crowded with a grown up crowd. There was no room at the bar, so the bartender pointed me to the back room. The hostess guided me to the backroom where I sat on vintage furniture. I looked over the book-like menu as the fireplace acted as my light.

I can't recount all the drinks I tried that night, but they were all awesome. Reiner and her mixologist staff offer an array of well-balanced cocktails from classics to new creations. Some worth trying are the improved whiskey cocktail, gin blossom, and the clover club.

The Clover Club also offers some "savory bites" and "bar snacks" as its listed on the menu. We shared a couple snacks including the Crisps which are potato chips tossed in duck fat served with a truffle creme fraiche, sweet potato fries, and a cheese platter.

Now I know why Clover Club has made its mark as one of the world's greatest cocktail lounges. The vibe is great--casual, not pretentious, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the cocktails are delicious. This is a great spot to go after work with some buddies or even on a date. The vibe offers a relaxing atmosphere perfect for a great conversation.

BK stand up, Clover Club deserves a round of applause.

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