Thursday, February 10, 2011


Open Door Gastropub
Been here a few times. Last time I went here was with Stef. We got an assortment of sliders and all of them were pretty good. I also got ribs, but took them home as the sliders and fries filled me up. The ribs had good flavor, but were a small portion. The staff wasn't all that great (this time!)
Kind of sketchy, kind of cool--whatever you're into.
Third and Long
Standard bar--nothing special going on here.
Financial District karaoke! Enough said!
I've done a review on Rub BBQ before and this visit was similar to my last visit. The food was awesome and the beer was cold. I know southerners might think NYC doesn't have good BBQ, but check out Rub for a great urban BBQ.
Katen Sushi Bar
I feel like restaurants in hotels get a bad wrap, but this Marriott Marquee sushi restaurant was good and not crazy expensive. I mean you wouldn't travel there for the sushi, but if you in the Times Square area and craving sushi- I'd say go for it. Spicy Tuna = DELICIOUS!
Red Lion
West Village hot spot offering live music and plenty of booze. Great place to dance to cover bands while those Jersey Shore bars wait for summer.

Haru Sushi (Wall Street)
Haru is a restaurant offering modern Japanese cuisine. With multiple locations in NYC, Boston, and Philadelphia, Haru is known for great sushi and sashimi. The Gramercy Park Roll ($18.00) was made with crunchy spicy super white tuna and jalapeƱos wrapped with
tuna, yellowtail and salmon and topped with lemon, cilantro, tobiko. This was awesome...expensive...but awesome!

Harry's Italian
Located right under my apartment, Harry's is a great neighborhood italian joint. My last visit was on Friday and the scene was bumping. TV's and candles lit the restaurant as the music pumped. Top 40 jams is an unusual playlist for an Italian restaurant, but the young crowd was getting down.

The pizza is done grandma style in square slices. We got a salad and some kind of artichoke appetizer, but the pizza was the only memorable dish. I'm pretty happy Harry's is so close, because you could always count of a good meal whether its the chicken parm or pizza. I would like to see Harry's and Adrienne's have a "pizza-off".

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