Sunday, June 12, 2011

All Pig's Go To Heaven

For quite sometime I've wanted to go to Nancy's Pig Heaven on the Upper East Side. This craving started after seeing Nancy's Pig Heaven on the Travel Channel on a program dedicated to naming the country's best BBQ. Unlike all the other BBQ on the program, Nancy's offers Chinese style spare ribs. Succulent ribs glazed in a sweet red glaze make the trip to the UES worth it. The ribs are moist and carry a good amount of meat. You will definitely be licking your fingers afterwards.

But ribs aren't the only thing that Nancy's does well. We also tried the pork butt, suckling pig, and the pan-fried pork dumplings--all were great. The pork butt was pretty much boneless spare ribs so you could imagine how good that was. The suckling pig was good, but it was pretty fatty (but we knew this going into it). Besides being a bit fatty, the suckling pig had great flavor with a nice crispy skin. The dumplings were solid, but couldn't compare to the other dishes.

The service was probably the best service I've ever received in a Chinese restaurant. Normally, I find the service at Chinese restaurants to be awful, but Nancy Lee had her staff in line. Mrs. Lee was also there to make sure everyone was enjoying their meals. She's actually the one who recommended the dishes we ate. Nancy's Pig Heaven isn't cheap, but its definitely worth a trip. If you like pork than Nancy's is a must try. If you don't like pork, I'm sure their other dishes are good as well. Notice the menu is designed "Pork" and "No Pork" so you could easily find what you want whether its "Cold No Pork", "Hot Pork", etc.

I don't normally get up to the UES often, but I'd make a trip to go back to Nancy's. Its not cheap, but its worth every penny as these ribs were the best Chinese spare ribs I've ever had. So grab yourself a seat on their small, outside porch and order some pork. Second Ave will provide some good people watching while your taste buds will be christened with divine swine--all pigs go to heaven here at Nancy's.

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