Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Burgers in Battery Park

Shake Shack continues its expansion as it recently opened its Battery Park location. Battery Park is an area of the Financial District that doesn't see much activity after 6pm. You have the occasional group of brokers that will hit up a happy hour, but for the most part the area is desolate after business hours. Danny Meyer and Union Square Hospitality Group attempts to build up the restaurant scene in Battery Park by opening Shake Shack, North End Grill, and their second Blue Smoke location. I think the area is starving for better restaurant choices, so I think this is a great move for the USHG.

While the other restaurants plan on opening by the end of the year, Shake Shack is up and going. My roommate Greg and I headed to Shake Shack looking to satisfy a burger craving. Not having many options, we decided to check out the new Shake Shack. If you thought that nobody lived down there--think again; because we waited in line at 9:00pm. The service and food was on point and the space felt good. I've been to two other Shake Shack locations and this might be my favorite. The Citi Field location is solid, but you'll miss half the game waiting on line. The Madison Square Park Shake Shack is another location that usually has a huge line, but eating in the park is definitely a plus. The Battery Park location will be a better fit year-around considering you could actually eat inside.

Shake Shack has really proved itself as a successful quick-serve restaurant as it not only expands rapidly throughout the city, but throughout the world. Shake Shack has opened locations in Miami (FL), Westport (CT), Saratoga Springs (NY), Washington DC, and two locations in the Middle East. People love Shake Shack and don't mind waiting for their burger and shake. I won't wait more than 20 minutes, but I've seen lines well over an hour long. If you haven't gone to Shake Shack than check it out. Its become a NYC staple and is constantly praised for its delicious burger.

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