Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Chain in Consistency

The Capital Grille could be considered a high-end chain restaurant with several locations throughout the country, but I think it does a pretty good job on being individually excellent. On my second visit to The Capital Grille, I dined at the Wall Street location which is on the corner of Pine and Nassau in the Financial District. The space isn't as grand as the 42nd Street location, but I think that adds to the charm. Fighting to get around a group of businessmen; Colette and I were greeted by a friendly host team and promptly seated.

We looked over the menu, but were too chatty to actually decide on our meal. Our server came and introduced herself, expecting an order but left unsatisfied as we were still deciding between an appetizer or salad. Looking over the intensive wine list also look time. Our server was a bit arrogant as she subtly insulted us a few times throughout the meal. The first insult came when she described the Filet Oscar as very traditional while shaking her head. Another insult came when we opted to get one of the cheaper Pinot Noirs from California. She insisted that getting an Italian wine at the same price point would be better value. Not wanting to get into a whole wine debate, I just took the insult and waited for my meal.

We started with the crab and lobster cakes that came with a sweet corn relish. These seafood cakes were delicious and got us ready for our entrees. Colette got the "very traditional" Filet Oscar, which was quite delicious while I opted to get the Kona Sirlon. I don't eat dry-aged steaks too often, so both steaks were a treat. We also split the Lobster Mac n' Cheese despite the high calorie-count listed on the menu. That's the one bad thing about having multiple locations--you have to provide the calorie counts for all menu items. I know the Mac n' Cheese isn't healthy, but I nearly got sick when that it was over 1500 calories. There are some dishes that aren't so bad calorie-wise. Colette's dish was the perfect dish for someone who didn't want a huge steak. The 8oz filet was enough steak to satisfy a craving while also offering jumbo lump crab meat and asparagus spears. I feel like Capital Grille caters to both males and females, so that they don't discourage female diners like most steakhouses.

Having three-locations in the NYC, I'd say Capital Grille is doing pretty well for themselves in a food-fickle city. But someone once told me that consistency is the name of the game and that is one thing The Capital Grille is good at. Whether you don't get out much or you're a foodie--The Capital Grille will serve you a consistently good meal every time. The bill could get pricey, but its definitely worth checking out.

Recommended dishes: Kona Sirloin, Filet Oscar, Lobster Mac and Cheese

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