Saturday, July 30, 2011

East Village

After work on Friday I met up with my friends Caitlin and Christa for a much-needed drink. I met them at BUA on St. Marks between 1st and A. The place was pretty packed with a diverse crowd. We sat in the back room on long oak benches and took in the scene. It was quite enjoyable to watch a Russel Brand look-alike try to bring my friend Christa home while I sipped my bourbon. Some in the crowd had a picture of sangria, so that might be a special. We only stayed for a drink before the girls got hungry.

We continued the night at 7A Cafe which is a on the corner of 7th and Avenue A --weird! The only thing this spot had going for them was the 90s hip-hop selection playing in the background. These throwbacks caused a minor dance party within the booth. The food was pretty bad though. Granted my chicken fingers and fries were OK, but how could you mess that up. Something that they did mess up was the grilled cheese Caitlin got even though the server warned us that they took it off the menu because too many people were complaining. But seriously, how can you fuck up grilled cheese? 7A used multigrain bread and one slice of American cheese that was hardly melted. It was painful to see this abomination of an American classic. The mozzarella sticks were decent while the chili dip was a huge failure--who orders chili dip at 4am anyway? Yep, the same chick talking to the Russel Brand weirdo. There are so many late night eats in NYC--skip 7A and head somewhere else.

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