Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tourist Trap

Last night, the 4-man decided to grab some dinner considering we were all home--something that hasn't happened in awhile. We roamed the streets of the financial district looking for something different. We go to Stone Street way to often and the food there isn't that good except for Adrienne's. Front Street is another option with restaurants like Salud, Nelson Blue, and Suteishi. For some reason, the guys passed up on the Front St action to somehow end up at the Heartland Brewery. I tried to discourage eating here, but J-blow sat down and the rest followed. The brewery puts out decent food, but the portions are small. Thank God for the fries that accompanied my pulled pork sandwich otherwise I would have left starving. Jon and Greg did leave hungry as their buffalo chicken salads were light on the chicken. Sure its nice to sit outside in the seaport, but there's restaurants that are way better value right outside the seaport. We got stuck in a tourist trap and everyone left a bit unsatisfied.

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