Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Repeat Offender

I took advantage of the warm weather and enjoyed a Shack Stack in Madison Sq Park with some friends. The Shack Stack is a cheeseburger topped with the Shroom Burger for one ridiculous burger. It was only right to enjoy this burger with an Abita while cheersing to a good day's work. Shake Shack Tip: Go on the B line and grab beers while waiting for your burger--time goes by faster when enjoying an ice cold one.

I also went to the Tap Room, which is around the corner from work. Not only is this spot convenient, but the beer selection is awesome. They also do beer flights if you're into tasting some cool brews.

Emma's dilemma is my deli spot for when I'm craving a bacon/egg/cheese before work; but I visit this deli solely based on convenience.

13th Step is another place I go based on convenience. We always have a good time at this "bro bar", but I think we go because its right near my buddy's apt. They usually have good deals on Sunday for the games. Top 40 music + classics = dance party 101.

A new spot I visited this week was Made Fresh Daily, a tiny cafe hidden on the cobblestone streets of Front Street around the corner from the seaport. In an area full on tourist traps and bad food options, Made Fresh Daily brings homemade cooking with lots of soul. The place itself is small, but its homey and feels right. Made Fresh Daily serves comfort foods that are light and healthy. They pride themselves on creating food that taste good without making you think. They also pride themselves on sourcing local, organic, and sustainable products. The buttermilk biscuit with scrambled eggs and ham proved to be a delightful breakfast sandwich. Great flavor! It was a bit expensive for breakfast considering a bacon/egg/cheese cost $2.99; but it was worth it. The side of bacon wasn't that food, so I will pass on that next time. I hear they do some pretty good sandwiches for lunch--I'll have to go check it out!

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  1. Friggin love the Shack Stack. Let me know next time you go so we can chill in the B line together my dude. Thanks for that tip...I had no idea. Here is a Shack tip for you: check out the shack cam before heading over so you can see how the line is: http://shakeshack.com/mobile/shackcam/