Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cocktails of the Future

Booker and Dax:
David Chang partnered up with Dave Arnold to bring the East Village a cocktail spot that brings a scientific edge to it. The spot is located in the old Milk Bar space and is named after Arnold's children, Booker and Dax. The menu is short, but is quite different from other cocktail bars in the area. Not only do the bartenders chill their glasses with liquid nitrogen, but they get people thinking --not just drinking. Try a gin and Juice with clarified grapefruit juice or a mustachi-ode --a shaken cocktail with nardini amaro, becherovka, bourbon, egg-white, a house made pistachio syrup. For stirred cocktails, you could get a Manhattan; but for something unique get the Laurel and Hardy--a mixture of cognac, rye, maraschino, benedictine, fernet, and mole bitters. Bols Deep, Son of a Peach, and Jenny & Scott are also solid drinks that come served with one large ice cube. Arnold and the crew over at Booker and Dax aim to make cocktails better through a scientific approach. For their Lady of the Night--they clarify siracha,tomato juice, and worcestershire and distill horseradish into an essential oil; giving them a truly unique twist on a bloody mary. 

Booker and Dax is a solid cocktail spot; but I'm scared the appeal might be lost after your first or second visit. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the kitchen serves pork buns till 2am; but the cocktail list isn't too long. Maybe the menu changes frequently? I don't know. Its a comfortable atmosphere to grab a drink and chat up the bartenders about the gadgets that look like they were stolen from a laboratory. Just don't drink too fast, $15 drinks could add up. 

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