Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Bites

Always nice to grab a seat outside at PJ Clarke's (World Financial Center) and grab a beer & burger. Throw some straw onions on your Cadillac burger for a wonderful afternoon delight.

Grabbed a glass of Etna Bianco at Bin No. 220 with an old friend. Sicilian white was quite tastey, but I hate stemless wine glasses! Does this make me a wine snob? I hope not! Its always great to sit outside and enjoy the weather--small porch; but it worked!

Had pretty good arepas at Caracas (7th St). Restaurant was jamming so we grabbed our arepas and pacificos at the "to go" annex right next door. Although it was super crowded, we landed a table right by the door.

Going away party for co-worker proved to be a good time at Penny Farthing. We had the lower level reserved with a DJ so you know the dance floor was going. Still trying to figure why my tab was so high?

Duet 35 was another spot for a going away earlier in the month. This K-town karaoke joint is cool because you could rent your own room. Beers are relatively cheap and there's a good Korean restaurant next door for when you need your drunk munchies. Ate some interesting things like calf knee? Don't remember the name; but those 24/7 k-town restaurants could be some of the best late night eats in NYC.

Almond Croissant at French Gourmand (9 Maiden Lane) good; but not quite as good as one at Financier

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