Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rhode Island

A few weekends ago I headed to Newport, Rhode Island for my friends' wedding. Not only was I pumped to share in such an amazing celebration, but I was pumped to explore Newport --a town that I vaguely remember from a drunk visit to the University of Rhode Island. We left NYC early so we could make most out of our four-day weekend.

Our first stop after getting to the hotel was Tickets Bar & Grill; which was located right across the street from our hotels. We grabbed some beers and a light lunch while enjoying the beautiful weather. We continued enjoying the weather and some more adult beverages over at the Atlantic Beach Club. Also across the street from our hotels, the Atlantic Beach Club was a classier Jenkison's for anyone familiar with the Jersey Shore. The sun was hot so we started with frozen drinks and moved to beers. We soaked in the sun for awhile then headed out to the rehearsal dinner. 

After the church we headed to the Newport Inn where Dan & Suzanne had a lovely dinner for everyone. There was a few stations to pick at; but it was imperative not to get too full before you hit the pasta station. All the food was great! Did I mention it was open bar??? O lordy! The night ended with a beautiful glass of Macallan 18 (thanks Evan & Phil!)

The next day we woke up and headed over to Tickets for breakfast. I was surprised they served breakfast being a "sports bar"; but it was good news for us. We combined a few tables on their patio area and had a nice little breakfast. Surprisingly enough, our server wouldn't serve one of our friends because he didn't have on any shoes or sandals. It wasn't a big deal as the hotel was right across the street--just a weird rule for sitting outside at a beach town bar. 

We followed the same routine as the day before as hit up the beach/ABC. Then it was time to shower and get dressed--this was the BIG DAY! 

Dan's brother was nice enough to grab us food while we were getting ready in the suite. We ate and drank while getting ready. After some pictures, we got on the trolly and headed to the church. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The lovebirds kissed becoming husband and wife. 

Back on the trolly we tossed with Champagne and Coor's Lights--all so happy to be a part of something so beautiful. The trolly then took a scenic drive through the breathtaking landscapes of Newport stopping to take some pictures along the way. We then arrived at Castle Hill Inn-- a premiere wedding destination. Exiting the trolly you were reveling in the beauty of the location only to be met with champagne and wine. The cocktail hour was filled with pictures, passed hors d'oeurves, and more champagne. There were a few stations set up also offering food. I kept telling myself not to fill up!

We spent the majority of cocktail hour outside not only enjoying the food and drink; but the company we were in. We really lucked out, i remember it as perfect weather for the occasion. 

The night progressed with a great speech by Sue's dad and a killer performance by Dan's brother and cousin. The hook on the song was about them thinking Dan was gay--how classic! 

The next you know our salads were up-- fresh mozzarella and tomatoes artfully plated. It was simple; but the ingredients were top notch so it was a great success. Next, I had the beef which can always seem to disappoint at weddings. This piece of beef was far from disappointing. It was so flavorful and it was cooked flawlessly. Carrots and potatoes played as nice complements; but the steak stole the show. 

By this time, I had sampled just about every food and drink combination in the place. Manhattans started flowing after the champagne and wine only to be followed with celebratory shots. Rule #1: Don't stand next to Ed Gurka at an open bar. 

Dessert had a hard act to follow after some great food; but it shined. The red velvet wedding cake was delicious! After some dancing, servers then began to pass around pizza and donuts JUST INCASE we didn't eat enough! 

I was not only impressed with the food; but really impressed with the service. I felt like they were all ready to jump at any guest command. Example: One of the servers ran to the restaurant to get me a double espresso. He said my tip was not necessary; but i was so blown away with his eagerness that i made him take it. I was also really impressed with how the servers served the food and cleared the plates. In fine dining establishments, you are taught "open-hand" service and the servers here were taught well. 

The next thing you know we had to leave! We all boarded the busses to the after party at Tickets. 

The next day we woke up and headed to The Mooring in downtown Newport. Reluctant to drink, I eased my way into it with a Guinness. We had an awesome lunch here. We chilled here for a bit then began our bar crawl.

We wandered into this bar One Pelham East (i think this was the name??) and it was totally our kind of place. We rocked out to the live band while playing shuffle board. They were a cash only bar which hurt me towards the end of the night; but the room was filled with people willing to buy you a beer. We stayed here for a few hours than went to Smokehouse--a bbq restaurant a stone's throw away from the bar.

They couldn't accommodate us at a table, so we gathered around the bar scattered at different tables. I ordered this ridiculous BBQ platter that came with ribs, shrimp, chicken, brisket, pulled pork, and maybe some other stuff I didn't get to. It was literally the size of a garbage can lid piled with a plethora of smoked meats. The portion size made me nervous about the quality; but the smokehouse put out some good BBQ. 


The next day we went to the breakfast buffet at the Atlantic Beach Club. We moved over to the beach for awhile; but then started partying on the deck not wanting to go home. The band Sweet Tooth and the Sugar Babies killed it! The Atlantic Beach Club had such a variety of people there from younger college kids to grandparents. Everyone was having a good time agreeing that it was the perfect kickoff to summer. 

Newport, Rhode Island a sure spot to check out! 


View from room

ABC on Sunday

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