Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reppin' the EAST SIDE

Breakfast at Penelope turned out to be a nice start to the day. I went before my brunch shift around 9:30 on the Monday of Labor Day and I thought it was going to be dead--I was mistaken. People were waiting outside, but I was lucky enough to sneak in and grab a seat at the six-person bar. The staff here is friendly and welcoming. The restaurant reminds me of a New England style cafe--cozy and quaint. Good food, good vibe--definitely a spot to check out if you are looking for a solid breakfast in the Curry Hill area.


I haven't been to ABC Kitchen in over a year and I've been craving it. Last night I went with my friend Nadine and we had quite the elaborate lunch. This time was just as lavish minus the booze. Jared and I opted to do the pre-fixe which is a three course meal for $32 --quite the deal! We both got the same exact thing, but I'm glad we did because sharing would have been pretty hard considering everything was outstanding. Crab toast and tuna sashimi got us started. They sent us out some pretzel dusted calamari--a very fine rendition of an old favorite. The crab toast was ridiculous while the tuna melted in your mouth with amazing flavor.

For entrees we got the ricotta and farm egg raviolo, pork ragu, chilies, mint, and parm.

Egg Yolk And Goat Cheese Ravioli With Lamb Ragu @ ABC Kitchen

For dessert we both got the salted caramel sundae.

whoa! FOOD COMA!

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