Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel is a sweet boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan on 29th street. Located only a few blocks away from my school, a group of us decided to go check out No. 7 Sub ( a new funky sandwich shop attached to the hotel). This boutique-hipster hotel is home of Stumptown Coffee, an Oregon based purveyor, and the Breslin, an English-styled restaurant explores "nose to tail" cuisine. The lobby of Ace kind of reminded me of a Starbucks as many guests had their coffee and laptop. It almost seems a bit nerdy, but in a cool, fun fashion.

No. 7 Sub wasn't actually in the hotel, but it was attached so I guess that counts. The sub shop was really unique, but scared me away. Braised Lamb seemed like a nice afternoon treat till I saw the peanut butter and mint jelly topping. General Tso's also seemed like an awesome sandwich till I saw it was Tofu. The Roast Beef also seemed promising, but then I couldn't come to grips with the pickled blueberries as a topping. Maybe I'm just picky, but No. 7 Sub seemed a little too "mad scientist" for me. I did like the shop though as it carried the coolness of the hotel into the little sub shop. Maybe when I become a little more adventurous, I'll try it again!

My classmates didn't seem to talk about their sandwiches too much other than the fact that it was a bit too salty. No. 7 Sub definitely gets an A+ for creativity, but will it keep people coming back? We'll see...

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