Saturday, April 10, 2010


Zeppelin Hall Restaurant and Biergarten

"One of the best places in NJ" one of my friends told me as we got on the PATH and headed over to Grove Street in Jersey City. I might have to agree with him after having my first beer hall experience.

Leppelin Hall is an authentic European style Biergarten with both indoor and outing seating. Unfortunately it was a little cold yesterday, so we didn't get to enjoy the beautiful outdoor area. But the inside part of the restaurant/biergarten is just as cool. Zeppelin Hall is not only known for their beers, but for the friendly atmosphere. Communal tables allow complete strangers to socialize over a huge stein of beer. A large stein of beer will run you $8-$12 bucks but you'll get three beers worth of GREAT BEER. Biergarten boasts an impressive beer selection with beers from all over Europe including Belgium, German, Czech, Ireland, and English styles. They also have a good selection of domestic beers.

The staff was friendly and pretty knowledgeable about beer. We also got some food, which was pretty good but then again that was after a few steins of beers. While others decided to get Zeppelin's Halls specialty sausages, I opted to get the spicy buffalo wings which definitely had some kick. Perfect to wash down with a Oktoberfest. Overall Zeppelin Hall was an awesome place. I would recommend it to anyone looking to drink social with a group of friends. Or you could simply make friends.


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