Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beer for Breakfast

On Wednesday, June 23rd the United States soccer team made history as they scored the go-ahead goal vs Algeria in extra time. Despite having work at 5:00, I decided to meet some of my friends at Dempsey's Pub on Second Ave down on the lower east side.

You would have never known it was a work day as the pub was absolutely packed with both new and old soccer fans. I have been to the pub before for St. Patty's Day and it was equally as packed. Its a good spot to watch a soccer match or celebrate your irish heritage as all the workers were straight off-the-boat irish.

We were lucky enough to get there early and grab a table, but we didn't sit for long as people packed in and blocked our vision. They had the England game on as well so it was nice to look back and forth although my eyes rarely left the USA game.

Without getting too much into the game, the United States seemed to get screwed with another call allowing the game to be tied after 90 minutes. Extra time brought a goal when Landon Donovan put one in the back of the net securing the United States spot to the next round. Not only did we make it out of Group C, but we finished at the top of our group which hasn't been done in quite some time.

Our waitress worked extremely hard as she pushed through the crowds--trying to please a bunch of rowdy fans. Although she looked a little frazzled, I think she did a great job in appeasing the crowd.

The pint of Guinness was delicious, but I needed a little something else for breakfast. I opted to get the chicken tenders as I was looking for something easy to eat. The chicken tenders weren't your normal chicken tenders, but that's not a bad thing--in fact it might be a good thing. The chicken tenders seemed like they were freshly breaded opposed to frozen tenders. The honey mustard that was served with the tenders was on point! Although not my normal breakfast choice- it served to be a nice treat.

I would highly recommend Dempsey's Pub for a soccer game, especially a United States world cup match. The excitement was awesome as fans started various chants whether routing on the USA or celebrating their favorite president as the camera showed Bill Clinton. Born in the USA blasted throughout the bar as soon as the match was done. High Fives all around as people started to chug, dance, and cheer.

It was definitely one of the best sporting events I have ever witnessed and I'm glad it was at Dempseys Pub.

(Picture from St. Patrick's Day)

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