Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PJ Clarkes (World Financial Center)

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, so my roommate Greg and I decided to venture down to Battery Park to see the Red Bull airshow. I've never seen the show, but I heard its pretty cool and definitely worth watching. We didn't know what time it started so we just walked around till we got hungry.

When discussing our limited financial district options, we both thought PJ Clarkes was our best bet. We could sit in the marina right outside the World Financial Center, enjoy a burger, and maybe even catch the airshow.

PJ Clarkes does a nice job in their outdoor seating as the views of the water are awesome. We were offered a brunch menu that had many good options including a special for the day:skirt steak and eggs. Although very tempted by steak and eggs, I opted to get the Cadillac Burger which was a burger topped with cheddar and bacon. Intrigued by how good that sounded, Greg got the same thing. Disappointed that the burger didn't come with a side, Greg ordered cole slaw while I got the crispy fried onion straws. We also thought it'd be a good idea to start the meal with some buffalo wings which Greg assured me were some of New York's finest.

A bold statement, especially to a buffalo/chicken wing enthusiast. He was right on with his opinion as these wings were delicious. Put off by the menu description, I thought the wings were your typical hot wings tossed in Frank's red hot and butter (like on the back of the label). Although there is nothing wrong with that recipe (I love it)--I was hoping for more. The wings delivered as they were some of the most flavorful wings I've ever had. The wings were spicy, but not mouth-numbing. These ability to control the heat of the wings allowed the true flavor of the wings to come out--and boy was it glorious.

The burger was another treat as it was juicy and full of great flavor. The burger wasn't cooked to my liking as it was close to well; but I didn't mind as somehow it kept it flavor and juiciness I topped my burger with the side of fried onions which made the burger over the top. I almost didn't finish it because I was so full, but I couldn't leave anything behind as it was really good.

The service kind of sucked, but I didn't mind as our food made up for it. On a hot sunny day, servers must be aware of refilling water glasses--but I won't rant about something so juvenile. I thought the server could have had a little more personality though. When you're in the service industry: in the front of house--one might expect you be a people person. Maybe he was hungover from Friday night? Who knows. Service plays a huge part in a diner's experience, but this time it didn't as the food carried the service on its back.

I'd definitely go back

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