Monday, June 21, 2010


I've been to Stout a bunch of times, so this entry will be short and sweet. Went to Stout one night after work to meet my buddy. I actually met him at the bar next to Stout, which I think was the Blarney Stone? We left there after a beer because they didn't accept credit cards. C'mon, you're a bar in midtown Manhattan and you don't accept credit cards. I never have cash on me so I convinced my buddy Morven and his girlfriend to leave and go next door to Stout.

We had a few beers and one of there pizzas which was really good. I saw two tables with pizza and it looked good so I decided to go for it. The wings and steak sandwich at Stout are really good, but I figured to go with something different.

Nothing like pizza and beer after a hard days work. The thin crust pizza is very popular as the waitress bragged about it. The waitress was very nice and was always around to get us another round.

I never plan to go to Stout, but its always a good alternative if you run into a shitty bar--like one that doesn't accept credit cards.

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