Friday, August 13, 2010

Harry's Italian

Quite often this summer I look in my refrigerator to find nothing but the Brita water filter and the occasional beer. I do my best to get out of the city in the summer not only because I love the beach, but it just gets too damn hot. Because I'm often going to Jersey, I don't really stock up on food; especially because I usually eat at work.

So on days like today when I have nothing to eat--I roam around my neighborhood and look for a nice lunch spot. Today I found an awesome Italian place on Gold Street called Harry's Italian. Although I thought of ordering off or seamlessweb, I didn't! i decided to get out of the apartment and go for a stroll.

Harry's Italian was really busy with take out orders as I saw three delivery guys running around with packages, but the inside was pretty empty. I thought Harry's was well designed as I felt an Italian theme, but it wasn't overdone. Longer bar tables with white marble tabletops make up the bar area to the right of the restaurant as you walk in. The dining section to left is finished with beautiful dark wood. I was really digging the decor of this pizza bar.

The service was pretty good and the food came out pretty fast. Although I found myself debating between the chicken parm and the grilled chicken with peppers/mozzerella, I went with the chicken parm. I don't know how the grilled chicken sandwich would have been, but the chicken parm was one of the best I've ever had. The chicken cutlet was cut thin and seasoned beautifully. The sauce was delicious and the cheese was just right. The best part of the sandwich was the bread as it was light and crispy on the edges. I believe everything on the sandwich was perfectly balanaced from the thin chicken cutlets to the lightly toasted bread. It was a great sandwich that could even compete with Mamma O'Briens. I will definitely come back here if I'm ever craving italian. This would be a nice spot to sit outside or even hang out at the bar for a glass of vino. Well done Harry!

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