Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend in Jersey

Bar Anticipation (Lake Como, NJ)
Located in South Belmar(Lake Como) Bar Anticipation (Bar A) is definitely one of NJ's greatest bars. Editors Nighclubs and Bars have picked Bar A as one of the top 100 clubs/bars in the Northeast. Bar A lives up to all of its hype as it gives guest various options--boasting a huge property full of bars. Bar A has atleast seven huge bars all offering a different experience. One might prefer the inside portion of Bar A as a live band rocks out. Others might want to spend the evening enjoying the weather outside at one of the many bars pumping out drinks. For those on a mission to get drunk, a shotwheel bar exists outside in the left corner.

Bar A has redesigned the property a little from the last time I was there. What use to be the volleyball court is now private cabanas. Although its kinda cool to have cabanas and bottle service--its a beach bar (cmon). I think the cabanas attrack a different kind of crowd that I think should go back to DJais and Headliner, but I'm sure its making the bar lots of money so good for them.

This bar is like an adult amusement bar. I give the owners credit, especially on the name as many guest anticipate coming to the bar all winter just waiting for summer to come. I always have a good time here and will definitely be back. I recommend Bar A on a tuesday night for "beat the clock" or anytime on the weekends whether during the day or night. This is a good place to grab some food, chill-out, and listen to the live raggae band or come and "bro-out" with your boys on a Saturday night. Tons of beautiful girls here ready to show you their tan lines!

Monmouth Park (Haskell)
The Haskell is considered the next important race after the races involved in the Triple Crown. Many of the horses that race in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont also race in the Haskell. The Haskell takes place at Monmouth Park and although it doesn't bring crowds like the above mentioned races--New Jersey definitely represents. My buddy Morven and I took the train from Belmar right to the racetrack. We got there a little late because we were a little banged up from the night before at Bar A and it was raining so we figured the crowds would be smaller. We got to the track around 11 and it was pretty packed. We couldn't even get a table, so we took over a bench.

A bunch of my friends from home showed up with coolers and full wallets to bet on the ponies. Although the weather was shitty, we had a great day and the sun eventually came out. Although a lot of money was lost--one can't complain considering you could bring your own coolers. How awesome is that? You could bring all your own food and booze, so the only expenses you will endure at the track is a program guide ($3) and whatever you bet. Its a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Next year, we will make a plan to get there early and reserve a picnic table. Though not as crazy as the Kentucky Derby, I definitely recommend this event to anyone looking to have fun and do a little gambling.

Boathouse (Belmar, NJ)
The Boathouse is not new to my list of bars/restaurants but I feel obligated to give a review as I had a very memorable experience. We usually go to the boathouse for drinks, but this time we had dinner and a solid dinner it was. After drinking all day, it was nice to kick it at a neighborhood joint and enjoy some live music and some good ol' bar food.

We ordered "Ooey Gooey" and "Bourbon BBQ" wings as an appetizer, although it came out with our entree--but no big deal. Our server was very friendly, so we won't write about her smarts. The "Ooey Gooey" wings were described on the menu as "Bee Hive honey mustard" which I don't know what that means, but they were awesome. The Bourbon BBQ wings were also really good, so I'll have to give our waitress props for suggesting them.

I got the Jetter Burger for my main course, which is a regular cheeseburger topped with taylor ham (pork roll). I used the leftover sauce from the wings to top my burger which added some serious flavor. The burger was cooked nicely and was definitely a good size. The burger came with chips that were pretty delicious. Homemade chips are always a good addition to a burger.

Morven got some kind of chicken sandwich that was huge. He took off a piece of chicken breast and still didn't finish the sandwich. I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We sat there for a few hours after dinner and listened to the band that was set up in the corner. They were really good as they played a variety of music including Billy Joel, Zac Brown Band, and Dave Matthews. A few pints of Sam Summer and some shots of Jack Daniels ended the night as Morven and I walked back to his house. The shots at Boathouse are given in these large plastic bathroom cups and will definitely make you laugh in the morning when you're reading all the text you shouldn't have sent. Overall a great experience as always. I definitely recommend coming her on Sunday nights for the band, but almost every night for the ambiance.

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