Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kickin' it on the West Side

Last Wednesday, my friend Colette and I met up for some food and drinks. She suggested we check out Sweet Revenge after becoming aware of a deal they had going on Yelp. From April 4th-10th, Yelp partnered with a bunch of bar/restaurants for a 1/2 half off "adult beverages" deal. Sweet Revenge, located at 62 Carmine Street, is a cozy cupcake bar. It was kind of an unusual place to start, considering Sweet Revenge is more of a dessert spot; but sometimes its fun to do things in reverse.

A bit hesitant, we sat at the small bar and decided we had to atleast get a drink...and a cupcake! Sweet Revenge is known for pairing imported wines and beers with artisan, internally inspired cupcakes. Colette got a Mango Bellini while I got the Vino Granita. I wasn't a fan of the bellini, but I can see people getting down with it. The Vino Granita was a frozen wine slushy, that was actually pretty good. I hate to admit it, but part of me kind of liked it. It was definitely a chick drink that I thought I was going to hate, but something about being at a cupcake bar made it all ok! Unfortunately, I can not say the same for colettes drink.

We ordered the Sweet Revenge cupcake: a delicious peanut butter treat. After a drink each and a cupcake, we headed out and continued our food adventure. I could definitely see myself going back for a cupcake!

Colette and I have a habit
of being indecisive, so we walked around for a little until we came to Cuba on Thompson St. We were roped in by the a later night Happy Hour sign, which proved to be for another night! Once we realized it wasn't happy hour, we were bummed; but we stayed for a cocktail and appetizer anyway. Colette got some kind of mango martini that she tweaked around to her liking while I opted for one of Cuba's "spring cocktails". The cocktail was a combination of clove/cinnamon infused bourbon, egg white, and some other ingredients that I cannot recall. Although the combination didn't make me think spring--it was pretty good. I can say that too, because I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon.

We split the some kind of chorizo appetizer recommended to us by the bartender. It came up real quick and turned out to be quite delicious. The chorizo had great flavor and it came with a delicious jalapeno chimichurri sauce. Cuba was a good time--maybe next time we will stay for a full meal and some of the highly praised sangria!

We continued on our way and ended up at the Fat Black Pussycat on West 3rd. We skipped food and got a round of drinks. Fat Black Pussycat has some good drink specials--real cheap. Unfortunately, the Yeungling on tap tasted like ass. Bar managers, CLEAN OUT YOUR KEG LINES!

Overall, a nice Wednesday out and about on the West side.

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