Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Margaritas and Music

This weekend, I helped celebrate two of my roommates birthdays and what better way to start the celebration with some brunch. Jon picked Vamos on first Ave right outside of Stuy Town. Vamos came recommended to us by the brunch queen herself, Nikki. Once she mentioned unlimited margaritas, we were in! That's right, add $6 to any entree over $10 and drink unlimited margaritas till 4pm. We arrived around noon, so this gave us plenty of time to get our money's worth. The margaritas were tastey--these frozen margaritas had a good amount of alcohol, but didn't have that cheap tequila taste. I do enjoy a good margarita, but the sugar content could sometimes be overwhelming; especially after a few of them. Overall, I'd say it was a good deal if you like frozen margaritas!

We started off with a bowl of guacamole, which was a table hit. The guacamole seemed to have a nice balance and the hot chips were a perfect complement. For entrees, I got the carne asada tacos, which was grilled marinated skirt steak, pickled onions, and guacamole. The tacos were good, not my favorite but good. Marinated skirt steak has the potential to take on so much flavor; but I felt this steak was bland. In my opinion, the guacamole overpowered the rest of the taco. I would have liked to see a little more heat as well. I like spicy food and I expect Mexican food to pack a punch.

Overall, Vamos was a fun time. It wasn't as rowdy as we hoped it'd be; but it started us off in the right direction. Vamos might not be a place you'd go for food, but a place you'd go for the atmosphere and the margaritas!

Continuing the birthday celebration, we headed to Red Lion. I've been to Red Lion a few times and its always a good time; however, this Saturday it was too packed. The place was so crowded you couldn't even get a drink at the bar. After paying my $10 cover, we turned around and headed out. Our next stop was Libation. One of my friends works there, so I can't badmouth this place too much! I just don't like it. Inside, sure its a good time--I like to dance! But the bouncers are assholes and that's enough to keep me away. Not to mention, its a $15 cover! I think you could find other places to shake your tailfeather!

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