Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goin' with the Flow

Anything could happen in New York City is a great way to sum up last night. We started the night sipping bourbon on the roof of the Dream Hotel on West 55th Street. I don't normally travel to midtown, but the rooftop here is incredible. The views down Broadway to Times Square make it worth the trip. Fashion week brought an eclectic crowd of designers and models while the normal crowd of ballers shuffled in. Our waitress was lovely and took good care of us all night. We left the roof to grab some sushi a few blocks away at Blue Ribbon. They couldn't accommodate our large party, so we just hung out in the lobby of the Columbus Hotel and had them bring us food. They brought out a bunch of appetizers including tempura rock shrimp, yellowtail sashimi, miso baked clams, miso crusted sea bass and some other treats. Saki isn't my drink of choice, but I had that "when in Rome mentality" going. They then brought us out a couple Blue Ribbon Platters of assorted sushi, sashima, and maki rolls. Somewhere in between, there might have been a food fight or two where we almost got kicked out. After our delicious, drunken meal we headed out for more fun not appropriate for this blog.

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