Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Late Night

Last night after work I headed over to the Flatiron Lounge on W 19th Street to see my buddy Jared, the bartender. He recently took a couple shifts at Flatiron after being on the opening bar team at Lani Kai. Good news for me because getting to the Flatiron Lounge after work is way easier than treking to Soho.

The Flatiron Lounge is a cool, cocktail bar where you know your drinks will be made properly. Granted, the drinks could be pricey; but you are getting a well-crafted cocktail and not some ridiculous mixture of ingredients that doesn't come close to achieving balance. At Flatiron Lounge, the bartenders come up with a daily flight of three cocktails; which is awesome if your a bit of a cocktail nerd or feel adventurous Last night, Jared's flight contained the Singapore Sling, Mai Tai, and Jamaican Peach. I think the Jamaican Peach was the only one he actually invented; but nonetheless they were all delicious. The crazy part about the Mai Tai is that its almost always made wrong. I feel like bartenders usually throw a bunch of rums and fruit juices together and call it a Mai Tai when in reality its 2 oz aged rum, 1/2 oz orange curacao, 1/2 orgeat, and 3/4 fresh lime juice. The garnish for this drink is a sprig of fresh mint, not a cherry and umbrella! For a proper Mai Tai go to Lani Kai or Flatiron because these guys are on top of their game.

Anyway, got a bit off track in my Mai Tai rant. Flatiron Lounge is an awesome spot if you're looking for good cocktails in a chill atmosphere. After the bar closed; we headed to a bar on 7th Ave that I forget the name of. It was a dive bar, but the Guinness tasted good so I was all for it. We then headed to Coppelia restaurant on West 14th Street and 7th. Coppelia is a 24-hour Cuban luncheonette/diner serving Neuvo-Latino comfort food in Chelsea. I've been here once before and I think its awesome. Everything I've had here is awesome from the guac and calamari starters to the shrimp or short rib entrees. They also got some bangin' mac and cheese which is mixed with pork belly and pork skins. I'd definitely check it out if your looking for some good food whether its 3 in the afternoon or night.

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