Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday Funday

The General

The EMM group are behind such clubs as Tenjune, SL, SL East, Revel Nightclub, and Finale. The group also operates clubby styled restaurants like The Catch, Abe & Arthurs, and Lexington Brass. Although its wrong to stereotype, these restaurants are all about the "scene" and not so much about the food.

That seemed more than evident when I went with my friend two weeks ago. We went to EMM's groups latest restaurant venture--The General. Located next to their club Finale on Bowery, The General attracts a celebrity clientele; but is that why you go out? If it is, then you'll probably see Russell Simmons or the girl who plays Nadia in American Pie. Great people watching for sure as this huge spot was jamming on a Monday night. "This place is filled with beautiful people", said Blake and he wasn't lying.

The food wasn't BAD; but one might expect more from the Top Chef winning Hung Huynh. The "asian fusion" menu has anything from sushi to childhood favorites like General Tso's Chicken. One might be thrilled by the possibilities while others might be confused by its lack of focus.

It was a fine experience all together; but nothing that would drag me back.

The night was saved by some apple cider punch and jazz in Alphabet City.

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