Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some January spots

Another great lunch at Mary's Fish Camp!
You know its good when Sarah Jessica Parker is sitting next to you

Late night at Wo Hop
Hungry around 4am? Try Wo Hop on Mott Street for some Chinese food and beers. Comfort chinese food like the sesame chicken or pork dumplings. Don't be surprised if the sun is up when you leave! BRING CASH!

Anthony David
Probably one of my best dining experiences in Hoboken. Had a great dinner with Dan and Sue here acouple weekends ago. Anthony David is a BYOB so we saved alot of money on booze--always a plus! AND they had good wine glasses! Don't you hate BYOB places with those shitty wine glasses?

The atmosphere was cozy and comfortable--a great date spot. The trattoria-like space was dimly lit with candles and the nose level was soft. It was a great place to catch up with friends while enjoying some good food! 

We started with a Chablis that I brought which probably wasn't the best pairing for our veal meatballs; but it was nonetheless delicious. The meatballs were made with currants, pine nuts, and aged pecorino which might have gone better with that 2007 Chianti I brought; but that would follow with our pappardelle with lamb osso buco. The pasta was delicious, but ended way to quick. 

For mains, I got the short rib special because I'm a sucker for anything that is braised for hours. Dan got the pork chop saltimbocco which was pretty good while Suzanne stuck with the branzino. All in all, all the food was quite good. We got some gelato for dessert!

Thanks for the awesome meal Dan and Sue!
We will definitely be going back!

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