Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4th Option

Many of my friends leave restaurant decision-making up to me, since I'm in the business. Today, I struck out as three of my options were closed for lunch. My first suggestion was Gramercy Tavern, but they were only open for dinner today after being closed for the holidays. My next option was Minetta Tavern as I wanted to check out their famous Black Label Burger. They were also closed for lunch as they open at 5:30 during the week. My third strike was at Blue Ribbon. I've heard great things about the restaurant and wanted to try it out, but NO--they were closed too. Giving up, I gave Ed the power of choice.

We decided to walk along Spring Street and pick a place. He picked the Manahattan Bistro after a few short steps. I think we were both so hungry and tired of walking that any place would do. The Manhattan Bistro is a quiet, comfortable place in Soho offering Franco-American fare. The menu didn't really get me excited, but we needed to eat. The waitress came over and took our order, but didn't offer much. I could be wrong, but I'm thinking English was her second language. After taking our order, we didn't see her again until it was time for our check.

The bistro kind of reminded me of a diner--from the booths to the little water glasses. Ed got the burger, which he seemed to enjoy while I was disappointed with my chicken Caesar salad. Not that the salad wasn't good, but it was small. The didn't give a good enough portion of greens or chicken. I think the portion size of the salad would have been good as a side salad, but not as a meal. The salad cost just as much as the burger, which Ed was eating well after my salad had vanished.

The service was pretty bad as I ate half my meal without a refill of water. This place needs to get bigger water glasses or keep an eye out, especially for people who are only drinking water! I will never go back to the Manhattan Bistro and I wouldn't recommend you do either.

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