Saturday, January 8, 2011

California (Day 6)

After visiting wine country, we headed back down the coast. We found ourselves in Santa Cruz one early morning walking along the boardwalk. We decided to grab breakfast at Ideal Bar & Grill on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. We both got the breakfast special--(2) eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast.

This was a great breakfast, especially for the price (around $5). The eggs were nicely cooked, bacon was on point, toast was fresh, and the hash browns were awesome. The hash browns are similar to the way I make them with a spicy kick, so I was in heaven.

Not only did we enjoy the food, but it was a great view of Santa Cruz's beach. I would definitely recommend the Ideal Bar & Grill if in Santa Cruz. I'm not sure how their lunch/dinner food is, but the breakfast was good and CHEAP!

After breakfast we continued our journey down the coast of California. We took the Pacific Coast Highway because it allowed us a first hand experience of some of the most beautiful views our country has to offer. Granted the ride could be long and rest stops are few--but its something everyone should do once in their life.

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