Saturday, January 8, 2011

California Day #4

Although there was so much more to experience in San Francisco, we continued on our California adventure. After enjoying a great home-cooked meal at our friends place, we packed up the car and headed north to wine country. We were lucky enough to get a sunny day allowing us spectacular views the whole trip. Driving the Golden Gate Bridge was an awesome experience as you its beauty puts you on sensory overload. From the color of the bridge itself to the breathtaking views-- its a most see if visiting the area. Roll down your windows and take a deep breath as the Golden Gate Bridge is acclaimed as one of world's most beautiful bridges.

Just over the bridge is the lovely town of Sausalito. Known for it picturesque views and strong community, Sausalito seems like an awesome place to live. We stopped here for lunch as Nadine knew a great seafood restaurant, simply named Fish. Just as simple as the name itself was the concept--a QSR located on the docks serving amazing, simple dishes. Fish offers fresh and sustainable fish sourced by local fisherman while showcasing the seafood itself by simple preparations. Simple preparations allow guests to enjoy deliciously fresh fish and feel good about themselves.

We sat outside on the patio, which ran adjacent to the docks. The views were beautiful and the atmosphere was serene-- a great backdrop to a great meal. We placed our order inside, then headed outside to our picnic table. Drinks came in mason jars whether a glass of wine or lemonade. We got both as splurging seemed to be the theme of the vacation. Its kind of weird drinking wine out of a mason jar, but it gave you an sense of humility. Here we are in this beautiful, high-class town and were drinking Sauvignon Blanc out of mason jars. Money and modesty don't always mix, but it worked at Fish.

Our food seemed to come out quick and dove right in. I got the Crab Roll which was a
A West coast rendition of the East coast favorite. Sweet Dungeness crab served atop a toasted Acme torpedo roll with organic Straus butter and chives. Served with shoestring fries or greens on the side. Even after eating the fries, I still felt good after meal. Not only did it feel like a healthy lunch, but it felt good eating local, sustainable food. Even the wine we drank was from a local, sustainable producer.

Nadine got the Saigon Salmon sandwich--grilled marinated wild salmon with a blend of fresh carrot, jalapeno, cilantro and house made Vietnamese ginger-scallion sauce served on an Acme torpedo roll. Served with a side of chili-lime coleslaw or fries. This sandwich was also ridiculous good as I still debate which dish I liked better. The fish was cooked perfectly and the mixture of the carrots, jalapenos, cilantro, and sauce really made this an unforgettable dish. The chili-lime cole slaw was a nice healthy alternative to fries.

Fish was definitely more pricey than a traditional quick serve restaurant. Our sandwiches were around $24 each plus the wine and lemonade brought our lunch bill to around $70. The price point might discourage people from visiting Fish, but it shouldn't as it was worth every penny. Fish was one of the best dining experiences of my life. Not only was the food great, but the experience made me feel good. The beautiful views, the friendly staff, the food, and the whole concept to support local vendors really came together. I would definitely recommend going to Fish whether staying in Sausalito or passing through. I'd definitely suggest going on a sunny day and sitting outside.

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