Saturday, January 8, 2011

California Day #5

As many people do, we started our day off with some coffee. We stopped at an organic coffee shop in Calistoga called Yo El Rey. It was a pretty sweet coffee shop offering some good coffee, organic juices from local farms, and inspiration. Yo El Rey is a totally hippie as there is an old book shelf in the corner and inspirational saying on the wall. You could definitely get the "feel good coffee shop vibe from here. I wouldn't be surprised if you could also score some weed from the barista girl rocking the grateful dead tie-dye shirt. Its definitely not your local Starbucks, but that's a good thing! Go check it out!

After spending the day in Sonoma visited different wineries, we had lunch at Oakville Grocery Co., which might seem like an unusual lunch spot; but is actually a popular lunch destination. Oakville Grocery is a great spot to grab lunch whether you dine there or take it on the road. We were originally going to buy an assortment of cheese and have lunch at a vineyard overlooking the Russian River Valley, but we decided to dine on Oakville's outside patio. Although I was advised to get a sandwich, I went with a Rotisserie chicken that looked awesome. I got a whole chicken and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for $20--now that's a bargain! The Sauvignon Blanc was crisp and refreshing--a perfect choice for the sunny day and paired pretty well with the chicken. We also got a small platter of cured meat and cheese that were delightful. I would definitely recommend Oakville Grocery Company!

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