Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fidi Food

Part restaurant, part Italian grocery: Barbarini is a hidden gem on the cobblestone streets of Front St right outside the Seaport. There are actually a couple solid restaurants there on Front St that often get overlooked. They are quaint, cozy spaces with decent food. Maybe not destination restaurants, but perfect for the local (although Suteishi might be a destination sushi spot!). Barbarini is no different-- with a warm, inviting ambiance and solid food. Barbarini is a great spot for a snack whether its a sandwich or some salumi and wine. Today I had Bresaolo with shaved Parm and arugula that was pretty tastey. I also had the chicken sandwich with walnuts, apples, and a house-made mayo. The sandwiches were good; but they weren't too filling. I split 2 sandwiches with my roommate and we were both still plenty hungry afterwards. The market or grocery part of the store was awesome. Cheese and salumi were only some of the options. Definitely a good spot that I will go back to.

I also stopped by Financier for a nut cornetto and a cappuccino-- a perfect mid-morning snack. This pastisserie started on Stone Street and grew to a few locations throughout the city. They have atleast three locations in a stone's throw of my apartment. The financier was named for its Wall Street clientele. The Financier has some good coffee, which they roast daily in their BK factory. Solid spot when its not crazy busy.

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