Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Worst Meal Ever"

I don't know if it qualifies at the worst meal ever; but it was pretty bad. My roommate Greg and I decided to grab some sushi at a local sushi spot; but it turned out to be pretty brutal. I usually go to Suteishi, but we took the cheap way out. Suteishi is a bit pricey; but totally worth it. You get great quality fish and good service. At Sushi a la Kawa the food and service both suck. We sat down and waited a good 5 minutes before we asked for water. The waitress then took our order before getting the water. After the water finally arrived we downed it not knowing we wouldn't be getting refills. They also forgot our appetizer, which was probably a good thing in retrospect. When the sushi arrived we were hardly impressed. Greg said he was close to walking out, one of the worst meals he ever had. The food wasn't good and made us sick just thinking about it. "I would throw it up, but I don't want to see it again", said Greg.

That will be my last visit there...

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