Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sports Bar Nation

Among the construction on Fulton Street, there's a new bar called The Fulton and its a great addition to the neighborhood. With only a couple trips to The Fulton, it might be the best bar in the area. It doesn't have much competition with bars such as Liams or Lemongrass (R.I.P.) but its definitely a solid bar. The space itself is kind of swanky for a sports bar. Not out of place; but just a bit nicer than the usual dives. Dark fixtures and hot bartenders add to the sexy sports bar vibe. The Fulton has plenty of TVs and a great selection of booze--both spirits and beer. Sorry Ulysses, I think we found a new watering hole.

Staying on the subject of sports bars, Bounce of 21st St is a great sports bar. This is Bounce's second location: the first is on the UES. Bounce is not only great for watching the games, but the atmosphere is pretty cool. Good music will get you dancing on the banquettes and the crowd could get pretty rowdy. So when you graduate from Brother Jimmys, stop here.

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