Saturday, January 30, 2010

Huntley Taverne

The Huntley Taverne (correct spelling!) was recommended to me by my sister and her boyfriend Jason. The two of them dine out a lot so I wanted to check it out. Usually I associate a tavern with a bar or pub so I was kind of surprise they were raving about the food. Well this tavern was far from ordinary.

As we pulled up to the restaurant the valet attendant greeted us for complimentary valet service. Any place that has valet on a Monday night is classy, I don't care what anyone says. As we entertained the restaurant I noticed the place was designed in beautiful wood from the floors to the cathedral ceilings. Weird enough, Stef actually saw a friend from culinary school through the kitchen window. The bar was split into three sections: bar area, upper, and lower dining rooms. We decided to sit in the lower dining room rather than the bar area. A wood burning fireplace made the atmosphere cozy and very inviting.

We had two waitresses throughout the night that were very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. The service definitely complimented the excellent tavern food. We started off with pulled pork tacos with an apple coleslaw. Although the only give you three soft taco shells, they give you a big bowl of tender, delicious pulled pork. The waitress was kind enough to bring over more shells upon request which doubled our order. I was definitely happy with our decision to split the tacos considering I almost ordered the ribs. I'm not a big coleslaw fan, but Stef said the apple coleslaw was good!

Stef's old friend from Johnson and Wales sent us over a salad to split between our appetizer and main course. Although both of us appreciated the salad, we both agreed it was a weird choice. The salad consisted of brussel sprouts, onion, pancetta, and a hard boiled egg. The salad was topped with a shallot vinaigrette. I wasn't a big fan, but I did pick at some of the pancetta.

For our entree Stef was torn between the chicken and the Mahi Mahi. She decided to go with the Mahi Mahi which was one of the special--just like the pulled pork tacos. The mahi mahi came with spinach which was WAY too oily and a sundried tomato vinaigrette. I tried her fish like I normally do and it was alright. Nothing special. I think she was very disappointed in her choice and would love to rewind time and get the chicken instead. O well!

Unlike Stef, I was very happy with my meal. I got the short rib which is tied for the "best short rib I've ever had" (haha). The tender meat fell right off the bone giving Stone House a run for their money in the short rib department. The meat was not only tender but had such great flavor. Mashed potatoes added to my bliss.

For dessert, Stef's friend sent us out an assortment of sorbet which consisted of mango, tangerine, apple, and pear. I wasn't a big fan of dessert and was actually sad the sorbet cleansed by palate after my delicious entree.

Despite the extensive wine list, we decided to go with different adult beverages. I got a beer who's name escapes me. It was very good though...I need to find out! Stef got a pear martini followed by another new-fashioned martini. Both of them were good, too bad they came in martini glasses! I wrote all of this down, but I lost my notes so some of these details will be ironed out when I find it.

I thought the Huntley Taverne was a great place! Whether to grab a drink or sit down for a dinner. The food is beyond bar-food and the ambiance is soothing.

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