Thursday, January 7, 2010


About 2 years ago someone told me that I was missing out on life. Granted this person knew nothing about my life, but somehow his words rang true. Not like it's important, but this all happened at a wine tasting at the restaurant I worked at, Stone House.

I was a bartender in the banquet portion of the space, but was training to be a bartender in the lavish restaurant. Yassir (or Naj like we use to call him) was the General Manager of the restaurant and he was a strict boss. I didn't mind him, but other employees hated him. One employee actually told me a year later about a dream where he beat Yassir up (haha, now thats funny). Anyway I'm getting off track.

So Yassir, self-proclaimed restaurant guru set up a wine tasting so that all servers and bartenders could speak knowledgeably about the wines we had to offer. At the time, I was not a big fan of wine. I was down for whiskey or scotch tastings but wine was not my thing two years ago.

But I did participate! I drank every wine offered and actually felt pretty good driving home. During this tasting, Yassir would ask the group of us questions regarding the wine. After failing to smell or taste a single incredient in a Cabernet, I told Yassir that I wasn't familiar with common ingredients found in wine. Whether it was a specific fruity or flowery taste or smell. I couldn't taste the green bell pepper taste bc I had never had a green bell pepper. Not that I was never offered a pepper, its just that I was a picky eater growing up.

Looking back, I realize that I missed out on a whole lot. Yeah, I've probably experienced more in 23 years than most have in a lifetime, but it could have been so much more if I wasn't so narrow minded. My dad use to pay me to eat things! I guess he wouldn't like me ordering pasta with butter at a 3 star restaurant. Yeah, you read that right! Pasta with butter was my go to dish back in the day. My dad was fortunate enough to get an unbelievable job working in finance for some great companies. Through his job he was able to go out to the best restaurants all around the world. Being very close with my dad, he always took me out whether it was to a sporting event or fancy restaurant. I think it bothered him that I was a picky eater, but he wasn't going to let them come in between father and son time.

Unfortunately when my father passed away, I was still a rather picky eater. I could never just try something. It had to look and smell really good for me to even consider it. I think the only fruit I ate was cut up apples (no skin) and the only vegetable was corn (only on the cob). Good thing my parents didn't make me sit at the dinner table till I finished my whole plate! I think they tried that once, but I ended up napping so they decided to just let it go. I actually feel pretty bad because I use to be so stubborn that my mother use to have to cook me a separate dinner from the rest of the family.

Let me explain exactly how bad I was...

I never had eggs till junior year in college! I know, what did I eat for breakfast? Probably mickey mouse waffles, pancakes, cereal, or just a bacon, egg, and cheese WITHOUT THE EGG. (haha)

Never had ketchup till I was tricked into eating it. Weird enough, I still don't eat ketchup. I don't know if I owe it to that tramatizing experience or what.

I can go on and on with foods that you wouldn't even imagine. I still consider myself an amateur eater. There are still things that I won't try, but I came along way.

I actually started trying things when I started taking out this girl. Our dates sometimes revolved around the "have you ever had" game. I don't know if she's the one to credit for my new "experience everything" mentality or that old pain in the ass Yassir is to thank. Either way, THANK YOU!

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