Sunday, January 24, 2010


Another weekend filled with new adventures. Friday I caught the tail-end of a Marist alumni event at Latitudes Bar and Lounge on 8th avenue (40s). The bar seemed pretty sweet, but we didn't stay long. Maybe next time I will get there on time!

I then left the group and headed to Superdive on Avenue A to visit a friend of mine. This bar reminded me of a college house party. Colette, the friend I was meeting was part of a private party in the basement that I joined for the 20 minutes I was there. I went to the bar to get a beer as the bartender pointed me to a keg that was already paid for by the host of the party. I grabbed a cup and got a couple beers before I went to La Caverna, a pretty hip spot on Rivington. I was given the wrong directions and couldn't find it right away, but I did find a delicious Mexican joint that hooked me up with a HUGE burrito. Somehow I managed to bump into an old friend at the burrito spot. After catching up, she helped me find La Caverna and we parted ways. I can't really say much about La Caverna except that I found my friends on the dance floor and didn't leave for awhile.

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