Monday, November 29, 2010


The Financial District is a ghost town on the weekend, so finding a good brunch spot in the neighborhood is pretty hard. Not really thinking of that beforehand, my friends Adam and Souch came down to my apartment looking for some food. After deciding against the overpriced seaport, we walked to Stone Street. A street usually bustling with off-of-work wall-streeters, Stone Street was dead. We checked out a few menus, but were instantly drawn to Becketts as the hostess came outside and let us know you got a free drink with brunch.

Becketts is a better alternative than The Dubliner which is owned by the same Irishmen. A past review of The Dubliner turned out pretty poor, so I was pretty nervous when the bartender made the connection of the two bars.

After chatting up the bartender on the menu, I ordered the skirt steak sandwich; which was pretty good. The onion loaf overpowered the steak according to Adam and I have to agree. I also thought the addition of avocado also took away from the steak itself. Skirt steak is such a flavorful cut that it doesn't need a lot of other ingredients to make it a great sandwich. Maybe some people like the onion loaf and avocado, but I think the sandwich would have been better if it was on a regular sub roll and just came with the caramelized onions.

The beers come at a hefty $7, but if you make friends with the bartender than you might get a free one! Rachel, our bartender, was very friendly and poured a good Guinness. She definitely added to our experience as the food wasn't anything great and the beers were pretty pricey. She became part of our conversation as we made fun of our friend Souch's charitable mustache.

So if you're in the FiDi and your looking for a beer, I'd check out Becketts. I'm sure you'll find more of a crowd during the week if your into hanging out with loud finance dudes or if your a lady looking for a sugar daddy. If not, you could probably find a cheaper and more enjoyable time somewhere else.

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