Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday Funday

My Sunday Funday started with a few brews and a Tallgrass Fire Rock burger. Tallgrass, located on 1st ave, is one of my buddy's favorite spots for delivery. The Fire Rock burger was pretty good, although it was cooked well-done opposed to my requested medium-rare. But I figured that was going to happen as meat cooks even after its been taking over the grill or griddle. So my burger probably started off medium-rare, but by the time it was delivered it was well-done. Fortunately, the burger was still juicy was turned out to be pretty good. They were kind of skimpy on the bacon and chipotle sauce, but overall the burger was pretty good.

We then moved to down the block from their apartment to The 13th Step. This was my second trip to the 13th step as I went there for Halloween. This was an awesome bar for a Sunday Funday as they play all NFL games, have cheap beer ($6.50 pitchers), great wings, and beer pong. Get there early as the place packs out! Definitely a good spot for a group of people who love football and having fun. Turns out I still have my shot, so bring your A-game if you plan on playing some beer pong.

We then left the 13th Step and looked around for places to eat. I would have been totally content staying at 13th Step and eating wings, but our buddy Shakes wanted to change scenery--I guess he was bored of us kicking ass on beer pong table. So, we walked around and ended up on St. Mark's Place. We ended up going into MARK Burger, which was a slight disappointment. MARK burger has a very small menu as they only offer two types of sliders:regular and bacon. The sliders are pretty good, but the service killed it.

After waiting a good 15 minutes, I got up to find our waitress who was sitting at the bar chatting with the bartender/grillman. They forgot my order and didn't do anything to make it up. The waitress barely apologized and I was starting my burger while my friends were done. I would have definitely enjoyed this place if the service was better. I'm always down for a good beer and burger spot, but MARK burger is not going to get anymore of my money. The only way I'd go back is to try the Guinness milkshake, which is suppose to be real good. If you don't mind bad service, then go try the burger as the burger itself was pretty good.

We ended the night at Coyote Ugly, which reminded me nothing of the movie--except the bras hanging from the ceiling. The bouncer and the bartender, Anastasia, were the only ones in there--not a surprise. So, my friends thought it'd be funny to tell the bartender it was my birthday. OK with being embarrassed to a certain extent, I agreed that it was my birthday as the bartender ripped off my shirt. Grabbing a bottle of tequila, I thought she was going to pour me a shot. Boy was I wrong! She grabbed my head and tilted it back pouring some tequila in my mouth and some more down my body. Just when I thought I was done, she poured some tequila into her mouth and then spit it into mine. Pretty grossed out, I tried closing my mouth which only got more tequila over me. Anastasia then made bend over the bar as she took off her belt. Knowing exactly what was going to happen next, I chugged the rest of my PBR and did what she demanded. After 24 solid whips, I sat down not knowing WHAT THE FUCK just happened. We got another round of beers and watched Adam's girlfriend and Anastasia dance on the bar. When we told Anastasia we were leaving--she started to throw ice at us. I will probably never go back to Coyote Ugly unless of course its to embarrass someone else!

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