Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Fashions and Pizza

Sasha Petraske is credited for helping push the recent cocktail renaissance the city is experiencing. Mr. Petraske brought New York City such cocktail lounges as Milk & Honey, East Side Company Bar, Little Branch, and White Star. Although each bar is different, they all offer outstanding, hand- crafted cocktails. While hanging out in the West Village, a friend and I decided to stop by Little Branch to check it out.

Little Branch is a timeless favorite for any cocktail lover as this speakeasy transports you back in time. Although a lot easier to get in than Milk & Honey, Little Branch is a hidden gem as there are no signs. You are immediately brought back into time as the cave-like downstairs space is dimly lit and old photographs hang on the walls. It was a very relaxed environment as the hostess escorted us to a booth in the back. This isn't a bar to order jager bombs or pick up woman, but its a speakeasy lounge that focuses on well-crafted cocktails.

I ordered an Old Fashion from the cocktail menu, which displayed some classic cocktails as well as some other innovative cocktails. Its a good place to go for a relaxing night. Drinks are around $15 a pop, but you're casually enjoying it so its well worth it. One might find themself sipping on a sazerac for 45 minutes.

The waitstaff and mixologist at Little Branch know there stuff as I'm sure Mr. Petraske has taught them well. If you enjoy the art of cocktails and have some good company, I'd definitely recommend stopping by Little Branch. I heard they have live jazz Sundays-Thursdays.

After Little Branch, we stopped at another bar on 7th ave. This was a divey bar, but its all good because the beer was cold. After enjoying a Guiness or two, we gravitated toward Bleecker Street Pizza. The pizza here was pretty good, but nothing special. I wouldn't make a special trip for the pizza, but if in the area you could bank on a good slice.

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