Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My roommate Greg just got back from Brazil, so we thought it'd be nice to grab a bite of dinner and catch up. We decided on sushi, so we headed to Suteishi on the corner of Peck Slip and Front Street. We were going to try to find one of those "all you could eat" places, but decided against it. Suteishi was recommended to me by my friend Amanda, who also lives in the Financial District.

Amanda had told me numerous times how good Suteishi was, although a little expensive. Suteishi is a rather small spot, but it had a good feel to it. Unlike other sushi spots, Suteishi had an elegant look--probably a little too fancy for two heterosexual dudes.

Our server was very informative and helpful. She helped us pick out a combo platter which came with a spicy tuna roll and the chef's selection of sushi and sashimi. All the fish served was extremely fresh and delicious. Although the sushi and sashimi was awesome, the star of the show was the spicy tuna roll. It was also my first time tasting Kirin Light, an Asian beer. The beer actually paired pretty well with the sushi as it was light and refreshing.

Suteishi is definitely a good spot to grab sushi if your down in the financial district. The sushi here might run you an extra couple bucks, but you don't have to worry about the quality and freshness of the fish. Great spot for a date especially now that they have the tree up in the seaport. Some sushi, a nice scroll down by the water followed by Haagen Daz--you got it in the bag. Just call me Hitch.

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