Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In a city full of flash in the pan restaurants, Freeman's has endured the finicky and spoiled NYC restaurant scene. Freeman's opened back in 2004 by William Tigertt and Taavo Somer and despite a less than great NYT review it is still jam packed. So packed that we had to wait an hour to be seated for brunch. But is the meal worth the wait? Its hard to say. I often ask myself that after waiting in the Shake Shack line.

But brunch was good! I think it was more the company than the food; but thats all that really matters. Then again, my burger was quite delicious. Cooked perfectly medium rare, this burger had great flavor --you could tell they used high quality meat. The fries that accompanied the burger were also delectable. I NEVER finish my fries, but my plate was clear after my meal. We started off with Devils on Horseback and the artichoke dip--both good, but nothing to call home about. The hot toddies seemed more citrus forward rather than spice forward; but they still were enjoyable especially after waiting for our table in the alley.

All in all, I would recommend Freeman's. Its moderately priced, so its a good place to go without breaking the bank. Also, it almost feels secretive being down the alley off the street; which adds to its excitement. We lucked out in a back room that looked like a dining room in the country. We shared a table with a couple of ladies; but pretty much felt alone. It was quiet in this room and allowed us to enjoy conversation--an essential element to every brunch. The decor was a bit stranger with ram's head and other stuffed animals on the walls; but it added to the mystery of Freemans. I'm not sure how this restaurant hasn't gotten old; but I'm glad it hasn't. Its interesting to see if Peels (its sisters restaurant) will last as long!

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