Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Hogwarts for Hipsters"

In Sam Sifton's NYT review, he calls The Breslin "Hogwarts for Hipsters." He goes on to compliment Chef April Bloomfield for putting out delicious food, although he kind of rags on how heavy and fatty the food is. Yes, the food isn't healthy by any means; but the flavor is there. We started with scrumpets (braised lamb that is breaded and deep-fried) off the snacks menu. For appetizers we got the razor clams, the duck salad, and the seafood sausage. This was definitely my favor part of the meal. Razor clams sat in a chili broth and were topped with a ham which added a beautiful saltiness while not overpowering the clams. The seafood sausage with a beurre blanc sauce was another winning dish. My favorite was the balsamic duck salad made with brussels sprouts and pomegranate seeds. For mains, I got the grilled trout which was the whole fish--head and tall on. The fish itself had good flavor, but there's something unappetizing about picking tiny bones out of my mouth while trying to enjoy. I guess that's what I deserve for not getting the pigs foot. I tried Greg's poussin--baby chicken smothered in vinegar which was decent, but the lamb burger stole the show. Chargrilled lamb served medium rare with a house made cumin mayo and feta cheese on a sourdough bun. The burger came with thick steakhouse fries that were cooked three times. A side of braised escarole was way to heavy to be a veggie; but the flavor was good. We ended the night with a chocolate dessert and shots of whiskey sent out by my friend Peter. I really enjoyed my meal there while the others seemed to be underwhelmed.

Bloomfield's elevated bar food is good, but I think the place is more of a scene than anything else. Whether you're in the bar room or the dining room, the restaurant has a hipness that ropes you in. It also has a built in clientele being in the Ace Hotel. I will definitely be back at the Breslin to try that pigs foot; but I want to hit up the John Dory first.

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